The Aghan Hound is one of the oldest sighthound dog breeds.

   Distinguished by its thick and silky coat and the tail with a ring curl at the end. The breed acquired its unique features in the cold mountains of Afghanistan - where it

   was originally used to hunt hares and gazelles by coursing them.


   The coat of an Afghan Hound may be any color,  but white markings - particulary on the head - are discouraged. The long, fine-textured coat requires considerable

   care and grooming.


   The temperament of the typical Afghan Hound can be aloof and dignified

   - but happy an clownish when they play! The breed has an independent spirit!

   The personalities within the breed differ drastically, but all Afghans are loyal, loving companions when placed with an active, loving family! They need regular

   exercise. They like to run so Lure Coursing is a great activity for them.. 

   Afghans are smart enough to open dresser drawers in order to get at something you really don't want them to chew. Afghans have a sense of humor and require

   the same of you.

   They are calm and patient - they will be good friends of children who can behave around dogs.







   The Saluki is also known as the Royal Dog of Egypt and Perian Greyhound.

   Saluki is one of the oldest known breed of domesticated dog. From the period of the Middle Kingdom and onwards, Saluki-like animals appear on the ancient 

   Egyptian tombs of 2134 BC.

   They have connections both to the Bible and Imperial China.

   Modern breeding in the west began in 1895 when Florence Amherst imported a breeding pair of Salukis from Lower Egypt and began working to popularize the


   The Saluki is a sighthound and historically travelled throughout the Middle East with nomadic desert tribes over an area stretching from the Sahara to the Caspian

   Sea. Accepted as clean by the Islam faith, they have been used to hunt quarry such as gazelles in the Middle East.


   The Saluki' s head is long and narrow with large eyes and drop ears. The tail is long and curved. It has the typical deep-chested, long legged body of the

   sighthounds. Their coats come in a variety of colors. There are two coat types in this breed: smooth and feathered.

   The overall apperance of the Saluki is one of grace and symmetry.


   The Saluki has an odor-free coat that's easy to groom. Just occasionally brush and comb - especially the longer-haired parts of the dog like the hair on the ears.


   The Saluki may seem reserved and aloof - this is an independent breed, gentle and affectionate.

   They are sensitive and intelligent but they can get bored easily and should not be left home unattended for long periods.







   The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound giving the appearance of elegance and fitness.

   They are active an playful and are physically similar to a small greyhound. This i also why the whippet have been called a "poor man's racedog" . Whippet were

   bred to hunt by sight.

   As their heritage would suggest, whippets are outstanding running dogs and are top competitors in lure coursing and straight racing.

   One can find numerous representations of small greyhound-like hounds in art dating back to Roman times but the first written English use of the word "whippet!

   with regard to a type of dog was in 1610.


   Whippet have been described as the perfect "all purpose dog". This breed is a popular showsdog because of their grace. They can appear in a wide variety of

   colors and markings.

   The whippet should convey an impression of beautiful balanced muscular power and strength, combined wiht great elegance and grace of outline. Symmetry of

   outline, muscular development and powerful gait are the main considerations - the dog being built for speed an work so all forms of exaggeration should be avoided.


   Whippets are generally quiet an gentle dogs, and may be content to spend much of the day resting. They are very attached to their owners but are still friendly to

   visitors. They may bark when strangers arrive but are not suited to being guard dogs.






- some facts is obtained from Wikipedia, Dog Breed Info Center and breedclubs.








Sighthounds primarly hunts by speed and sight.


Sighthounds are the most incredible atheletes in the canine world with many having almost cat like flexibility. Perhaps the most well known feature of these dogs are the great speed they can run at.


They specialize in pursuing prey, keeping it in sight and overpowering it by tehur great speed and agility.

They must be able to quickly detect motions - so they have keen vision.

Sighthounds must be able to capture fast, agile pray so they have a very flexible back and long legs for a long stride. A deep chest to support an unusually (compared to other dogs)large heart, very efficient lungs - and a lean, wiry body to keep their weight at a minimum.


Many Sighthounds were bred to hunt in pairs or packs and so they have developed as a sociable breed with other hounds but the need for them to make their own decisions when hunting in the field away from their people gives many of the breeds an aloof independence which means,  they are unlikely to be obedience champions!

But certainly not untrainable.


Sighthounds are elegant dogs - long, lean and almost regal in their general looks.

Many were owned by Pharaohs, Emperors and Royalty.