| Kiwi - 19 months |




Kiwi entered our home with a great joy and enthusiasm in March 2007 - she turned our lives upside down!


The last day we got together with her was a beautidul winterday, we grilled sausages at the terrace. Kiwi stole one or two..

She was happy and lay beside Matilde who played with her toys. We just enjoyed every second of this perfect day.....


But soon the life of our bubbly afghan would end because of a tragic car-accident. Kiwi managed in a mysterious afghan-way

to find a way out of the locked terrace, and she went for a run. Because of the melted snow she could run straight into

the road - sadly that was what she did and was hit by a car.


Thank you, Kiwi - for the time we got together!

For all the good times and the great memories. All the funny and peculiar thing you did.

For  showing me your great mind at obediencetraining. For all the great times we had in the showring together

- you showed be how fun it was to handle an afghan. We had some delicious times...

You were pleasing for the eye - so beautiful! - in my heart you will always be a champion -


It's hard to believe that you're gone for ever..... - that you'll never again will jump for joy when I get home.

You'll never sneak into my bed again when I stand with my back to you. I will never feel your snout against my neck

 again when we share my quilt. Never again will you lay beside Matilde while she plays and be her friend.

You will never sit and wait for me when I come up from the basement.

Never again will we see the love in your beautiful eyes!


You are sadly missed, my sweet girl....

We will never forget you!

| Kiwi - 14 months |


One of her first shows as a junior. She won her first CC at this show in Sandefjord,

 january 2008 - judge was Ferdinando Asnaghi, she finished as 2.female also.










Australian Grand Champion 

Gengala Super Trooper




 Australian Champion

 Gengala Hijacked






 Australian Champion

 Gengala  Super Tramp    


 Australian Champion

 Aboukir High Priority


 Gengala Strike A Light




 Australian Champion

 Gengala High Speed


 Australian Champion

 Gengala Chances Are          




Swedish Champion

PS I Love You






 Swedish Champion

 NFX Night To Remember






 Swedish Champion


 She's A Perfect Ten


 Swedish Champion

 Boannes's Heart N'Soul


 Swedish Champion

 Nazira's Edge Of Night




 American Champion

 Tifarah's  Hi -Flying Victory


 Swedish Norwegian Champion

 Alphaville's SheSellsSeasShells









| AFGHANHOUND | black/tan female | born 29.11.2006 |



| after |

Australian Grand Champion

Gengala Super Trooper




Swedish Champion

Alphaville's PS I Love You



| HD |

A - FRI på begge hofter



| owner |

Stine Runde Skuterud



| breeder |

Christin E. Fink

Porsgrunn, Norway


- Mimmenafghan -







3 x BOB Puppy


3  x GROUP-winner Puppy


1  x Best In Show Puppy


1 x Best In Show 3 Puppy


3 x Best In Show 4 Puppy


1  x BOS


2  x CC


16 x CC quality






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